Opening hours


Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00 hours (Break: 12:00 – 13:00 hours)

*Reservations are now required to use this facility. Kindly contact the staff to schedule a reservation in advance.(2021.11.22~)


Saturday, Sunday, National holidays
Kyoto University anniversary day (June 18)
New Year holidays
Summer closure days

*Please refer to the top page for the temporary closure


Please take the following actions when using the Map & Documents room:

   ・Refrain from using the room if you feel unwell or have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing

   ・Wear a mask all the time when you are using the room

   ・Wash your hands with the alcohol-based hand sanitizer in front of the room

How to use

  1. Please show your identification (student/faculty/staff ID) to the staff to use the room. Materials in the room are generally available to access, except for some special or restricted material.
  2. Please contact the staff to make a reservation  for using the room in advance.
  3. As a rule for using the room, all materials are not available for lending out or bringing outside.
  4. A part of the materials is available for photocopying, providing that it does not infringe their copyrights. An application for approval is required. Please submit the photocopy application form to the contact below. The committee will review your application. You can use the materials and their photocopies for your study or research on a non-profit basis only.


Map & Documents Room, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Room 117, Inamori Building, 46 Shimoadachi-cho, Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501
Tel : (075) 753-9617   FAX:(075) 753-9650

*If you have any questions about how to use the Map & Documents Room or the materials it holds, please contact the above address.